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Bulk 3d Buildings

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Bulk 3d Buildings

Price per Unit (piece): $49.99

Author: Bulk Upload
Med Polygon Objects 1000+
File Size: 261kb
Bulk load of 3d building items.
10 individual items, each in their own set with textures and images.
Files are fully usable with a number of 3d softwares, including, Maya, Cinema 4D, Max, Poser, Bryce, Lightwave, Daz, etc.
3d Eiffel Tower
Mansion House
Sydney Opera House
L'arc De Triomphe
London Eye Big/Ferris Wheel
Sydney harbour bridge
Health foods shop
Sports shop
Shoe Shop
File Types: 3ds, obj, lwo, dxf, stl

Digitally downloadable once purchased

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